2 Step Frozen Yogurt and Berry Pops.

So as we are creeping towards Summer I just wanted to introduce you all to my favourite frozen dessert, they are so healthy and since they are home-made you know everything that is in them! I usually have a couple of these in the freezer for those days when you just need something sweet!

This is such a good recipe because there is literally no way for you to get it wrong!

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What’s In My Bag..

This is such a classic lifestyle blogger post, and although I tend to steer clear of things like Get Ready With Me and general product reviews, I couldn’t help myself with this one – I love seeing what’s in other people’s handbags. It’s just so fun and nosey, isn’t it?

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5 Stages Of Writing an Essay.

Okay, so everyone will at some point in their life will have come across the pain and stress of writing an essay! Since I have decided to be a professional at writing essays I believe I can now categorise the process I go through. Every. Single. Time. Continue reading “5 Stages Of Writing an Essay.”

Spicy Red Bean Soup.

After Last Week’s amazing response over my Quick and Easy Summer Spaghetti, i’ve decided to make one of my other favourite tomato based dishes! I adore soup because its one of the few dishes that taste great if you freeze it and warm it up a week later!

One of the easiest and tastiest meals I know how to cook, this is such a great dish for lunch accompanied by some warm crusty bread.

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Book Club Monday

It’s time for your favourite part of the week BOOK CLUB MONDAY!! I had a great reception from last week’s post so its back again!

This time I got a really early suggestion by the user bookworm6919 and she/he suggested that I should read Little Women. Well, bookworm6919 I do not know how you knew that I hadn’t read this book but i’m glad you did! I have been wanting to read this for a number of years and have had it on my bookshelf since christmas of last year (shameful).

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My Lazy Sunday Routine!

I think Sunday is different to any day of the week because people (even if they aren’t religious) want to adhere to the principal of Sunday being a day of rest! So here is my traditional Sunday routine because i can’t be the only one that loves to nosy into other people’s lives. Continue reading “My Lazy Sunday Routine!”


So this is my second installment of my Discover series, if you’ve missed the first one then read it here. The second installment is of my Second favourite place in the world York. Possibly one of the most beautiful places in England im so lucky to live here and go to university every day practically in the city centre.

If you’ve never heard of York it’s basically one of England’s Jewels, there are countless stories about how York has been an inspiration in the literary sense, take the shambles for instance. Jk Rowling took it as inspiration for Diagonal Alley and even some of Harry Potter was filmed here…along with many other films of course.

Food and Drink:

  • Evil Eye: Possibly the best place in the world for cocktails, legend goes that it is Johnny Depp’s favourite place to drink in York and I dont think im better than Johnny Depp, do you think you’re better than Johnny Depp? Do You… DO YOU?!?!
  • Betty’s: Providing a wonderful relaxed setting for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and evening meals, Bettys Tea Rooms Harrogate offers one of the best spots in town to enjoy the beauty of the town’s surroundings.
  • Teddy Bear Tea Room: Because who wouldn’t to eat a scone surrounded by teddy bears. Also, I used to work there before I got fired for not being able to work frequent enough hours… no tea no shade though *cough* plus their homemade soup of the day came out of a can.
  • Little Italy: Easily the best Carbonara i’ve ever had, plus I always get my garlic from there because they’re huge and they sell homemade cannolis.
  • Brew & a Brownie: Serving the best pancakes, bacon and maple syrup you’ll ever eat you need to go there just to try their oreo brownies!
  • Ambiente Tapas: This is the first restaurant me and my family went to they serve some of the best tapas I’ve ever had and ive been to spain.

Historical Attractions:

  • The Minster: One of the most spectacular and jaw dropping experiences I have ever had was looking over york after climbing to the top of the minster. I must for anyone!
  • The Shambles: York’s ancient street, The Shambles, was the film set for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movies. So every venture into York City is almost a real visit to Diagon Alley… Kinda.
  • York Walls: York city is enclosed in ancient Roman walls. You can jog around the walls on sunny mornings (well, at least think about jogging around them..)
  • St Mary’s Abbey: Situated in the museum gardens it’s quite the out of body experience seeing such pastoral surroundings in the middle of a thriving city.

Family Attractions:

  • Jorvik Viking Centre: A super fun attraction for the family, it does wear a bit thin however if you like Vikings then it is PERFECT for you!!
  • Castle Museum: The inner child in my comes to life whenever I see a recreation of a victorian room etc well the castle museum has an entire street! I could spend hours in here just staring at all of the old fashioned styles.
  • York Dungeons: One of the first tourist attractions that I went to with my friends. Rather than being scary it was hilarious, I laughed all the way through and the actors really comitto their rolls.
  • Cinema/Theatre: In the centre of York is the City screen which not only plays all the new films but also there is live music and great food!
  • Treasurer’s House: Part of the National Trust, there is a tour all around the house with information in each room in one of the top rooms there is a dress up box (although im not entirely sure if you can wear these or if they’re for kids?) But its so much fun!


  • Monks Cross: About 20 minutes from the actual city center, Monks Cross has a plethora of high street shops and great places to eat! (like Ed’s Diner)
  • York Markets: Situated in the center the markets are famous particularly during the winter and has some of the most unique and tasty treats, coming from Manchester I was always used to the huge spectacle of the German markets however York offers the same amount of splendor but surrounded by some of the most beautiful buildings.
  • York Designer Outlet: Also about 20 minutes away from the center, the outlet has changed my life! I found a pair of Nike’s for £15 and discounted Mac products! The possibilities are endless!


  • Horror Tour: Leaving every night, the Horror tour walks you all around york hitting the spookiest points in York with really interesting myths and stories.
  • Ghost Bus Tour: I actually went to ghost bus tour in Edinburgh and was completely obsessed, they had this guy literally jump on the bus half way through. So I was super keen on seeing how the York one measured up. Disclaimer we did get quite pissed before hand so we found it so hilarious! Overall it was a fun and informative experience despite only being 6 of us on the bus. But Edinburgh was better!
  • York Bus Tour: I went on this last year and it’s so interesting to see York from that height and I think it just makes it more beautiful. There are snippets of information that I have never heard of before so it is certainly world giving it a go!

Have you been to York? If so where are your favourite places to go?





Quick and Easy Summer Spaghetti.

This is probably one of my all time favourite dishes to cook, it really only takes about 20 minutes to cook! Most of that time is the spaghetti cooking. (Score!)

Although it’s not quite summer yet.. What’s the harm in pretending? Or even practising so you can wow your friends…

This meal is designed for two but the sauce heats really well so just eat what you need or go back for seconds! 😉

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